50+ Good Night Love Message to Your Special Someone

Good Night Love Message; Give someone significant in your life a good night’s greeting. Write something sincere for someone you know well, or keep it brief for someone you’re starting to learn.

Good Night Love Message

1. As you sleep, I wish you the happiest dreams. Good night, my dear.


2. I hope you get enough sleep and have wonderful dreams since every day I spend with you is the finest day of my life.

3. I hope everything is snug and cozy for you. My love, I’ll see you in my dreams.

4. I’m going to take a moment to express my thankfulness for the day we had together, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow with patience. Good night, and rest soundly.

5. Keep your problems hidden as the day fades into the night. All the pleasant times are yours to cherish when you close your eyes and go to sleep. Good night, and sweet dreams.

6. Unwind and rest; may your dreams bring you kindness. You can rest assured that I’m thinking of you when you sleep.

7. To my ideal woman, sweet dreams!

8. May your good-night messages and dreams be as gentle and delightful.

9. Rest well at night. But I can be reached by text if you have insomnia!

10. Rest soundly and relish the wonderful dreams that await you.

11. Your smile tonight is greater than that of the stars.

12. I’m daydreaming about the life we will lead together.

13. My dear, good night. I grin when I get up and go to sleep because of you.

14. I hope you are nestled comfortably into bed, prepared for an amazing sleep, and waking up feeling wonderfully rejuvenated. I can’t wait to hear from you in the morning. Good night.


15. “When you can’t sleep because reality finally surpasses your dreams, you know you’re in love.” – Dr. Seuss

16. Give a special someone a personalized goodnight message. Customize your message with their preferred colors and graphics, and make it as straightforward or as poetic as you desire.

17. Good night, rest soundly, and I look forward to seeing your radiant grin in the morning.

18. Know that you are the last thing I think about at night and the first thing I think about in the morning as you drift off to sleep. Dream sweet dreams, my dear.

19. I can never express how appreciative I am to have you in my life. I’m smiling as I go to sleep and looking forward to hearing from you in the morning. Good luck with your evening.

20. I could think about you all night long, but let’s hope I see you in my dreams.

21. Before you go to sleep, I’m sending you a huge embrace the size of Texas.

22. I’m hoping you get plenty of sleep. Good night, my dears.

23. You relax, pal. A new day full of opportunities awaits us tomorrow.

24. Until tomorrow, have a great day! I’ll see you in the morning.

25. I hope today was the greatest for you! I will always miss you.

26. Before you count sheep, remember to count your blessings. I cherish you!

27. Sweetheart, rest soundly. You’ll be in my dreams.

28. Considering you. Rest well!

29. Get cozy with a blanket and take a nap in dreamland. Good luck tonight!

Romantic Good Night Messages

30. Shut your eyes and see my arms cradling you as you go off to sleep. I hope you have an amazing sleep tonight.

31. Here’s a little something to help you drift off to sleep. I’m putting gentle kisses on you. Dreams of sweetness

32. I consider how fortunate I am to have you and how much more meaningful life is because of you before going to sleep. I’m hoping to see you in my sleep.


33. “Good night, sweet prince. May angelic flights sing thee to thy rest,” is all I have to say. – Stanton, Harry Dean

34. Even if we just talk on the phone, you are my favorite person to fall asleep with.

35. I’m sending you love, hugs, and kisses! Good luck tonight!

36. I know you’re asleep now, but I just wanted to say how much I love you. I hope this text brightens your day!

37. You were on my mind the entire day. You are the finest. That’s it!

38. This evening would be so much better if we could cuddle together.

39. Sweet dreams, attractive woman/handsome man.

40. Until next time, my dear darling. I hope your dreams reflect your beauty.

41. Sweetheart, you brighten my day every day. Rest soundly and dream about us.

42. My angel, good night. I’ll dream about you.


43. I’m wishing you a restful night’s sleep, wonderful dreams, and an even better day tomorrow.

44. May you have as much happiness in your dreams as you have in my heart.

45. I’m thinking of you today and every night, my favorite! Good night!

46. My dear, good night. Remember that I’m always here for you.

47. My last thought before going to bed is of you, and my first thought after waking up is of you. Sweetheart, good night.

48. There are no words to describe how much I love you. Rest well!

49. Every night, I give thanks to God for placing you in my life. Dream sweet dreams, my dear.

50. My love, may the angels keep watch over you as you sleep.


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