362+ This Or That Questions For Kids

This Or That Questions For Kids differ from open-ended inquiries in that they ask about two distinct topics.

These Questions For Kids are also useful for learning more about someone. You can learn about someone’s hobbies, favorite items, and more by asking them this or that inquiry.

This Or That Questions For Kids

1. Do you like hot chocolate or iced tea better?
2. Do you enjoy comic books or cartoons?
3. Do you enjoy watching films or TV shows?
4. Do you enjoy video games or sports?
5. Do you enjoy listening to music or reading?
6. Do you like savory or sweet snacks?
7. Do you like to run or jump?
8. Do you enjoy singing or dancing?
9. Which would you prefer: eating all day or sleeping all day?
10. Do you prefer small or large gatherings?
11. Which do you prefer, the city or the park?


12. Which is better, Roblox or Minecraft?
13. TV or iPad?
14. Is it Mom or Dad?
15. Is it a sister or a brother?
16. Which is better, chicken or beef?
17. Which is better, chocolate or vanilla?
18. Which is funnier, farts or poop?
19. Is it day or night?
20. Which is scarier, a zombie or a monster?
21. M&Ms or Skittles?

22. Do you have a preference for animals or insects?
23. Do you prefer swimming at the beach or in a pool?
24. Do you prefer the morning or the evening?
25. Do you prefer to read or watch television?
26. Do you favor spicy or sweet food?
27. Do you prefer being indoors or outside?
28. Do you prefer to move around or stay put?
29. Do you prefer being alone or with others?
30. Do you like strawberries or oranges better?

31. Mermaid or unicorn?
32. Knights or dragons?
33. Universal Studios or Disney?
34. Superman or Batman?
35. Pool or ocean for swimming?
36. Is it summer or winter?
37. Which came first, Alexander Hamilton or Alexander Graham Bell?
38. Console or virtual reality?
39. Which is better: lipstick or nail polish?
40. Sunglasses or a hat?

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41. Should I eat rice or bread?
42. Pasta Sauce: Tomato or Cream?
43. Ice cream or Popsicle?
44. Sandals or flip-flops?

45. Which month do you prefer, June or December?
46. Do you like autumn or spring?
47. Do you prefer overcast or sunny days?
48. 48. Do you enjoy reading or listening to audiobooks?
49. Do you enjoy biking or rollerblading?
50. Do you prefer roller skating or ice skating?

51. Do you enjoy trying new things or doing the same thing repeatedly?
52. Do you enjoy seeing your grandparents or rather that they visit you?
53. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

54. Which is better, lemon or lime?
55. Which is better, goldfish or Cheez-Its?
56. Almonds or peanuts?
57. Should I get chicken wings or chicken fingers?
58. Which is better, basketball or football?
59. Wizard or Magician?
60. Are you a princess or a queen?
61. Is that a cat or a dog?
62. Gummy Worm or Gummy Bear?
63. Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy?
64. Dragonfly or butterfly?
65. Dinosaurs or automobiles?
66. Makeup or dolls?
67. Which is better, Target or Walmart?

68. Do you enjoy breakfast or dinner?
69. Do you prefer drinking milk or juice?
70. Which insect is superior, grasshoppers or ladybugs?
71. Which is more appealing, the caterpillar or the butterfly?
72. Do you like chicken or beef?
73. Do you prefer pizza to tacos?
74. Do you prefer a shower or a bath?
75. Do you prefer going to the movies or watching them at home?
76. Which do you prefer: ice cream or cake?
77. Which is better, cake or frosting?
78. Do you like blueberries or strawberries?
79. Do you prefer to buy new clothes or wear old ones?
80. Do you like a single color or a rainbow of colors?
81. Would you rather spend more time with your family or with your friends?
82. Do you like funny or scary films?

83. Is it your birthday or Christmas?
84. Which is better: cash or an Amazon gift card?
85. Which is scarier, sharks or alligators?
86. Which is cuter, babies or puppies?
87. Do you prefer singing or dancing?
88. Laptop or smartphone?
89. Tablet or Nintendo Switch?
90. Which is better, gold or diamond?
91. Which is better, Apple or Samsung?
92. Mario or Luigi?
93. Snow White or Cinderella?
94. Steve, Minecraft, or Alex?
95. Police Officer or Firefighter?
96. Actor/actress or ballerina?

97. Which do you want, the sun or the moon?
98. Do you prefer to be cold or hot?
99. Do you like it when it rains or when it snows?
100. Would you prefer to take a family vacation by plane or car?
101. Do you enjoy going for walks or playing outside?
102. Do you enjoy playing with dolls and action figures?
103. Do you have a thing for dinosaurs or unicorns?
104. Do you have a thing for mermaids or fairies?
105. Do you like aliens or robots?
106. Do you think both guys and girls are gross?
107. Do you enjoy playing tag or hopscotch?
108. Do you prefer peanut butter or jam?
109. Are you a fan of Oreos or Chips Ahoy?
110. Do you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
111. Are you a fan of M&Ms or Skittles?
112. Do you like cookies or cake?

113. Aeroplane or helicopter?
114. Water or fire?
115. Should I take a shower or a bath?
116. Which is better, apple juice or orange juice?
117. Waffles or Pancakes?
118. Strawberries or blueberries?
119. Sausages or bacon?
120. Grandmother or Grandfather?
121. More Screen Time or a Vacation?
123. Is it going to snow or rain?
124. Which is better, a bicycle or a scooter?
124. Which is better, math or science?
125. Eating Out or Cooking at Home?
126. Pizza with pepperoni or pizza with cheese?

127. Do you enjoy playing football or basketball?
128. Do you like rap or rock music?
129. Do you like One Direction or Justin Bieber?
130. Do you prefer to eat breakfast at home or on the go?
131. Do you prefer breakfast for supper or dinner for breakfast?
132. Do you prefer milkshakes or pop?
133. Do you enjoy visiting the park or the library?
134. Do you prefer drinking through a straw or a cup?
135. Do you prefer chopsticks or a fork?
136. Do you prefer driving or riding a bike?
137. Do you like to watch TV or play video games?
138. Do you enjoy drawing or painting?
139. Do you enjoy dressing up or having a pillow fight?

140. Snuggle or Hug?
141. Kitten or Bunny?
142. Playmobil or Lego?
143. Swedish Fish or Sour Patch?
144. Which is better, carrots or broccoli?
145. Is it a hurricane or a blizzard?
146. Brownie or fudge?
147. Squid or Octopus?
148. Friends or family?
149. Which is better, Nike or Adidas?
150. Train or ferry?
151. Jokes or tickles?
152. Skateboard or Parkour?
153. Fingers or a fork?

154. Do you enjoy playing tag or hide-and-seek?
155. Do you enjoy playing Dodgeball or Simon Says?
156. Do you enjoy playing with dolls or cars?
157. Have you got a brother or sister?
158. Do you enjoy playing in the snow or on the beach?
159. Do you enjoy playing video games on a console or online?
160. Do you like fruity or chocolatey snacks?
161. Do you have a thing for pandas or lions?
162. Do you enjoy ice cream or popsicles?
163. Do you like the color pink or purple?
164. Do you go to gym class or playtime?
165. Do you enjoy dressing up or experimenting with make-up?
166. Do you normally have a lot of homework or a little?

167. Sprite or Coke?
168. Which is better, buttons or zippers?
169. Fantastic Beasts or Harry Potter?
170. The Incredible Hulk or Spider-Man?
172. Which is better: rollercoasters or zip lines?
173. Tennis or golf?
174. Should you ice skate or roller skate?
175. Is it an amusement park or a water park?
176. Should I play the piano or the guitar?
177. Trampoline or Bouncy House?
178. Which is better, a chimney or a fireplace?
179. Which is worse, mosquitos or bees?
180. Earth or space?
181. Water Slide Tubing or Snow Tubing?
182. Is there no school or homework?

183. Do you prefer day or night parties?
182. Do you like to sleep or wake up late?
183. Do you believe folks who stay up late are slackers or have a good time?
184. Do you enjoy going for walks or playing outside?
185. Do you enjoy watching comedies or musicals?
186. Do you prefer having a large group of friends over or just a few close pals?
187. Which do you prefer, Star Wars or Star Trek?
188. Do you prefer to go to the doctor or the dentist?
189. Do you prefer to eat a lot of vegetables or take medication?
190. Do you enjoy walking or riding your bike?
191. Do you enjoy writing or drawing?
192. Which day do you prefer, Friday or Saturday?
193. Which is superior: a hotdog or a hamburger?

194. Is it better to see a doctor or a dentist?
195. Macaroni and Cheese or French Fries?
196. Concert or film?
197. Is it better to see a movie at home or in a theatre?
198. Converse or Vans?
199. Hippopotamus or Rhinoceros?
200. Is it better to paint or color?
201. Do you prefer trucks or sports cars?
202. Jell-O or custard?
203. Which is better, string cheese or melted cheese?
204. Ninjas or pirates?
205. Should I do the dishes or the laundry?
206. Napkins or your clothes to wipe your mouth?
207. Caramel or chocolate?
208. Do you prefer sleeping in the desert or in an igloo?

209. Do you prefer board games or video games?
210. Is it more important to have a lot of money or a lot of friends?
211. Do you believe people should be renowned or not?
212. Is it better to watch a movie or read a book?
213. Do you prefer a chair or a sofa?
214. Do you believe animals should be caged or free?
215. Do you enjoy going to the zoo or the aquarium?
216. Do you believe in ghosts or do you believe in nothing?
217. Puppy or kitten, which is cuter?
218. Do you believe that people are nice or bad?
219. Is it preferable to have a lot of school or none at all?
220. Do you prefer Halloween or Christmas?
221. Which is better: being able to fly or being invisible?

222. Which is better, a resort or a cruise ship?
223. A mansion or a luxurious RV?
224. Crossword puzzles or Rubik’s Cube?
225. Should I get my hair cut or my nails trimmed?
226. Which is better: flight or invisibility?
227. Intelligent or wealthy?
228. Chocolate Chip Cookies or Oreos?
229. Rapper or singer?
230. Modern or traditional?
231. Intelligent or powerful?
232. Is it funnier or more popular?
233. Netflix or YouTube?
234. Animals or plants?
235. Sofa or bed?
236. Which is better, a bench or a chair?

237. Do you believe that having a superpower or being extremely intelligent is preferable?
238. Which is better: the ability to transform into any animal or speak any language?
239. Do you think it would be cool to have a genie as a friend or a dragon as a pet?
240. Do you believe having wings or a tail is preferable?
241. Which is more enjoyable: swimming in a pool or the ocean?
242. Is it preferable to have a lot of spare time or to participate in a lot of activities?
243. Do you enjoy school or would you rather spend time at home with your family?
244. Do you believe that having a lot of energy or being very quiet is preferable?

245. Is it better to use wood or plastic?
246. Baseball or hockey?
247. Playground or shopping mall?
248. Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin?
249. Should I use a refrigerator or a freezer?
250. Food coloring or Play-Doh?
251. Is it a solid or a liquid?
252. Which is better, gum or a lollipop?
253. Which is better: a boogie board or a sandcastle?
254. Braids or ponytails?
255. Jewellery or a dress?
256. Roosters or chickens?
257. Which is better, Roblox or Fortnite?

258. Do you prefer to go on adventures or stay at home?
259. Which comes first, intelligence or creativity?
260. Is it preferable to be able to see far away or in the dark?
261. Do you think a time machine or teleportation technology would be more useful?
262. Is it more important to know a lot about one item or a little bit about many?
263. Would you rather be a firefighter or a pilot if you had to choose?
264. Do you prefer to eat or watch cartoons all day?
265. Do you prefer to play with your friends or with your siblings/cousins?
266. Do you prefer short or long books?
267. Do you like fruity or chocolate desserts?

268. Is it a hailstorm or a rainstorm?
269. Peanuts or Smurfs?
270. Snoopy or Charlie Brown?
271. Plastic or glass?
272. Play Video Games or Watch Videos
273. Good or bad
274. Pop Music or Rock Music? Delicious Food or Candy Pop Music or Rock Music?
275. Should you be a Giant or a Tiny?
276. Gummy candy or hard candy?
277. Should I use a pen or a pencil?
278. Which is better, fruit or vegetables?
279. Should I eat rice or bread?
280. Should I eat broccoli or lettuce?

281. Do you enjoy solo or group singers?
282. Do you enjoy playing or watching sports?
283. Do you enjoy watching sports on TV or attending live games?
284. Do you like chips or popcorn?
285. At the movies, do you prefer popcorn or candy?
286. Would you like juice or soda?
287. Do you believe that having a lot of cheap clothes or a few costly ones is preferable?
288. Do you prefer bright or dark colors?
289. Which is better: pencils or pens?
290. Do you prefer writing or typing?
291. Is a large house or a small flat preferable?
292. Do you prefer city living or country living?

293. Which is better, a laptop or an iPad?
294. Comic Books or Cartoons?
295. No Sleep or No Food?
296. Tigers or lions?
297. Is it better to be dark or bright?
298. Pets or toys?
299. Should I use a shovel or a hammer?
300. Earth or another planet?
301. Funny Jokes or Magic Tricks?
302. Is it better to have a large or small family?
303. Running in the hot sun or swimming in the cold water?
304. Which is better, a jet ski or a motorcycle?
305. Snowboard or skateboard?
306. Snuggle with your pets or your parents?
307. Should I use a hammer or a saw?
308. Fart or burp?
309. Red Panda or Monkey as a baby?
310. RV Adventure or Themed Hotel?
311. French fries or potato chips?
313. At home or at school?
314. Sonic or Mario?
315. Meat or fish?
316. Cupcakes or cake?
317. Water Balloons or Water Guns?
318. The Sun or the Moon?
319. Slime or Play-Doh?
320. Squirrels or Chipmunks?
321. Ear Wax or Booger?
322. Soup or curry?
323. Should I get chicken nuggets or chicken wings?
324. Is it Donald Duck or Goofy?

325. Do you think a cat or a dog is preferable?
326. Do you believe that having a lot of toys or a few truly good ones is preferable?
327. Do you enjoy playing with Legos or card games?
328. Which animal is more entertaining, monkeys or dogs?
329. Which is scarier, tigers or wolves?
330. Do you believe having a sister or a brother is preferable?
331. Do you prefer having several good friends or just one best friend?
332. Do you prefer staying up late or going to bed early?
333. Do you prefer Disney animation or live-action films?
334. Is it more pleasant to take a vacation somewhere fresh or to stay at home?

335. Violin or piano?
336. Rollercoasters or steep water slides?
337. Quiet One or Class Clown?
338. Pistachios or Sunflower Seeds?
339. Should I use wireless or wired headphones?
340. Music Club or Drama Club?
341. Egg Yolk or Egg White?
342. Raincoat or umbrella?
343. Which is better: land or sea?
344. Taxi or Subway?
345. Chopper or car?
346. Flying or Ocean Exploration?
347. Window or aisle seat on an airplane?
348. Swing or slide?

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349. Salad or vegetables grilled?

350. Climbing trees or climbing rock walls?
351. Which is better, provolone or cheddar?

352. Should I use mustard or ketchup?

353. Sofa or Lazy Boy?

354. Is it better to drink tap water or bottled water?

355. Chinese or Mexican cuisine?

356. Which is better, McDonald’s or Burger King?

357. Purple or pink hair?

358. Splash Pad or Park?

359. Which is better, crab or lobster?

360. Is that a gingerbread man or a gingerbread house?

361. Skiing or snowboarding?

362. Beef or pork?

363. The X-Wing or the Millennium Falcon?

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it. You now have a plethora of questions to select from if you ever have to babysit or need an icebreaker for a teaching class.

These are only a few ideas, so get creative and come up with your own. You can also post them here in the comments area! The main thing to remember is to have fun with it in order to engage the kids in conversation.

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